Hi! I'm Oskar
I will code your dreams

This is who I am

I am a self-taught web developer, highly motivated to gain more knowledge and experience in this field. Front-end has become my passion. I really enjoy inventing catchy designs, discovering new trends and trying to bring them to life. I consider coding not only as a job but also as a wonderful hobby. And yes, I'm not one of the best or the most experienced web developers on the market, but definitely I am on the right path to become one.

Oskar Grzelak

Every project is for me both a great challenge and fun. I have strong bases in coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am familiar with SASS, and if it is necessary, I can use Bootstrap or Semantic UI. I am also capable of making a use of Node.js and NPM packages. What is the most important, I keep learning, because web development is so fascinating! Oh, and I write my code in Visual Studio Code.

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I can offer you

Clean code

I always keep my code clean. It's easy to read, easy to understand and easy to change.

Modern design

Being up to date with web design trends is part of my life. Your project will fit these very modern days.


Today's web applications have to be interactive in order to increase user's engagement. I fully understand this and I will make your app very attractive and engaging.


I can assure you, your website or application will look amazing on every screen. I'll take care of it. Every size matters!

Intuitive UX

A website can have the most beautiful look but it is useless when the feeling is wrong. I always think about users and their comfort.


You can completely rely on me. I do my job according to prearranged specification and I always meet deadlines.

My latest projects

Odense KlatreKlub Wordpress

The new WordPress theme for Odense KlatreKlub's homepage.

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Saturnin Book

Landing page for Polish book titled "Saturnin" by Jakub Małecki

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Położna z Auschwitz Book

Landing page for Polish book about the Auschwitz concentration camp

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Football Manager Book

Landing page for a book about popular game called Football Manager

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Lets Settle Up

The app lets you divide up the cost of things like group dinners and group trips.

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WordPress Blog

This is my first WordPress Theme, created especially for my own blog purposes.

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Project 1

TODOS is a todo list, which helps a user to keep track of tasks he has to do.

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Project 2

My own variation on one of the most popular memory games.

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Project 1

My Library is an application for archiving books, that user owns on his home shelves.

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I'm ready to code for you

I hope you are the one who will challenge me soon with some hard projects. There is nothing better than a real struggle finished with huge success.

I am available to work for your company and I can start right away.

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